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We specialize in providing alternatives to products that are made from plastic and other chemicals. LeafyStraw is an alternative to plastic straws that are dangerous to the health of humans and other living organisms, and to the environment. Our straws are made from fallen coconut leaves, and crafted by local women in India. Unlike paper straws produced in pollution-emitting factories, and which get soggy in liquid, our straws are hand-made and remain intact in liquid for hours.

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Our Organic Straws

This straw is natural-made from coconut tree leaves. It does not undergo any chemical treatments, which makes it a much better alternative to plastic straws or other materials.

Organic Straw


Sip Guilt Free


21cm Length (210mm) and 5mm diameter

Thick Shake

21cm Length (210mm) and 8mm diameter


14cm Length (140mm) and 5mm diameter