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Our Products

Welcome to RawLine, your trusted source for sustainable alternatives to products made from plastic and harmful chemicals. At RawLine, we’ve taken a stand against plastic straws, which pose risks to human health, the well-being of other living organisms, and our precious environment.




Our Natural Bamboo Fiber Straws

At RawLine, we take pride in offering a sustainable alternative to plastic straws. Our natural bamboo fiber straws are a testament to our commitment to a healthier planet and a safer future for all.

Purely Natural, Chemical-Free

Our bamboo fiber straws are crafted without the use of any chemical treatments. This means you can enjoy your favorite beverages without worrying about harmful additives or toxins, making them a far superior choice to plastic straws and other materials.

Leading Sustainable Technology

Bamboo fiber represents the cutting edge of sustainable materials and environmental responsibility. Its rapid growth and regenerative properties make it an eco-friendly choice, helping to reduce the strain on our natural resources.

A Force for Positive Change

Bamboo fiber has the potential to transform our world. It's not just a straw; it's a symbol of our commitment to a greener, more sustainable Earth. By choosing bamboo fiber straws, you're actively contributing to positive change.

A Full-Circle Sustainability

From the inception of our straws to their production and eventual recycling, we ensure a sustainable source covering every aspect of the supply chain. RawLine is dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint while maximizing the impact of our products.

Join us in embracing the latest in sustainable technology and make a difference, one straw at a time. Choose RawLine's bamboo fiber straws for a safer, healthier, and greener tomorrow.

Our Natural Straws

The latest technologies in sustainable materials worldwide

Natural Straws

RawLine Straws

Sip Safely


21cm Length (210mm) and 6mm diameter

Thick Shake

21cm Length (210mm) and 8mm diameter

Bubble Tea

21cm Length (210mm) and 12mm diameter


14cm Length (140mm) and 6mm diameter



Our wooden cutlery is 100% Natural, smooth, sturdy and durable. Made of birch. Exquisite, modern and elegant, wooden cutlery has become a preferred choice of caterers and restaurant owners when choosing sustainable products.

RawLine's Birchwood Cutlery: Available Individually Wrapped in Paper Bags or in Bulk with Eco-Friendly Bio Bags

Sustainable Elegance

When it comes to dining, elegance and sustainability can coexist beautifully, thanks to RawLine's 100% Natural Birchwood Cutlery. Crafted from the finest Birchwood, our cutlery is not only an exquisite choice but also a sustainable one.

Purely Natural

Our Birchwood cutlery is a product of nature, untouched by chemicals or artificial treatments. Each piece retains the natural texture and warmth of wood, making every dining experience special.

Smooth, Sturdy, and Durable

Our wooden cutlery is designed to impress. The smooth finish and sturdy construction ensure a comfortable grip and reliable performance. Say goodbye to flimsy disposable utensils and embrace the strength and durability of Birchwood.

A Modern and Elegant Choice

In the world of sustainable dining solutions, wooden cutlery has emerged as the preferred choice of caterers and restaurant owners. Its modern and elegant appearance elevates any dining setting while reflecting a commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Perfect for Sustainability

By choosing RawLine's Birchwood cutlery, you're not only enhancing the dining experience but also contributing to a sustainable future. Birchwood is a renewable resource, and its use reduces the environmental impact associated with disposable plastic utensils.

Make a statement of sustainability and sophistication with RawLine’s Birchwood Cutlery. Whether you’re a caterer, restaurant owner, or simply a conscious consumer, our natural cutlery is the ideal choice for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving it.

Join us in the journey towards sustainable dining. Choose RawLine for natural, elegant, and eco-conscious cutlery.

Available individually wrapped or in bulk

Wooden Spoon

160 mm

Wooden Fork

160 mm

Wooden Knife

165 mm

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